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Choose Standard Security Systems a local company you can trust. Choose Standard Security Systems for great local service. Complete systems for $1 per day. Our security systems keep you connected. View Current Offers
Choose Standard Security Systems a local company you can trust. Choose Standard Security Systems for great local service. Complete systems for $1 per day. Our security systems keep you connected.

Advanced Home Security:
  - Part guard dog.
  - Part nanny.
  - Part amazing.

Welcome the newest member of your family.

Award-winning Home Security

Standard Security Systems protects more than 10,000 Connecticut homes and businesses. With an alarm system for nearly every home, lifestyle and budget, you owe it to yourself to be protected against burglary and fire by a local company you can trust, and the technology to do it right.


Featuring Wireless Monitoring Technology

Our new home security systems offer you the opportunity to connect to a monitoring station in three ways: by traditional phone line; by broadband internet connection; or by wireless (cell tower) connection. With wireless, not even a seasoned burglar can cut the wires between your home and the central monitoring station. And here in Connecticut, where summer thunderstorms and winter snow and ice can take out traditional phone and internet service for days, a wireless signal is rarely interrupted by weather.

If you’ve been looking for a reason to cancel your traditional home phone service, then a safer, more secure home monitored by a dedicated wireless signal is probably the best reason yet.


Home Security Components

In addition to wireless communication between your home and the monitoring station, all of our security components are wireless too. Wireless security components keep installations neat and clean, and make adding upgrades in the future easy as well. If you’ve been considering adding a wireless camera, wireless smoke detector or other security device, our newest technology makes it easy and affordable.

Burglary Protection

Alarm Panel Learn more about our alarm panel.
Door & Window Contacts Learn more about our door & window contacts.
Pet-Friendly Motion Sensors Pets can roam free in your home. Learn more.
Glass Break Detector Detects trouble other sensors can't.
Learn more.

Life Safety Devices

Smoke Detectors Learn more about why a monitored smoke detector is better.
Carbon Monoxide Sensors Learn more about how monitored CO sensors can save lives.
Personal Pendants Emergency assistance at the “push of a button”. Learn more.

Home Automation

Video Cameras See what is happening in and around your home from anywhere. Learn more.
Remote Deadbolt Locks Lock or unlock your house with a smartphone. Learn more.
Garage Door Controls Much smarter than a garage door opener. Learn more.
Lighting Controls Lights can automatically turn on or off with your alarm system. Learn more.
Remote Thermostats Energy savings, comfort and convenience. Learn more.
Total Connect Services Remote access to your security system and automation devices. Learn more.
FREE Mobile App Total Connect iOS and Android apps available. Learn more.
Skybell Video Doorbell Know who is at your door from your smartphone! Learn more.

Popular Add-Ons

Keychain Remote Arm and disarm your security system with ease. Learn more.
Water & Temp Sensors Environmental sensors help to alert you to potential trouble. Learn more.
Swimming Pool Alarms Pool gate and entry devices. Learn more.
Safety Window Screens Keep your windows open and your house secure. Learn more.
Additional Sirens Extend the range of your audible security alarm. Learn more.

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